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Somerset Clubhouse Rental

Guidelines & Rules


  1. The presence of a responsible SHOA member is required for the duration of the function.
  2. Clubhouse is not to be used for commercial use.
  3. A maximum of 60 people are allowed for a buffet-style event. A maximum of 40 guests for a sit-down event.
  4. Anyone using the clubhouse for any function will clean the facility thoroughly and place all furniture back in the designated location before leaving.
  5. Paper towels and toilet paper for restrooms, cleaning items, and a vacuum cleaner are available in the closet. All areas must be thoroughly cleaned before locking up. See attached checklist.
  6. No unsupervised children are permitted to use the clubhouse.
  7. Wet bathing suits are only allowed in the two bathrooms. Everyone must towel dry before entering building.
  8. All individuals attending the function must be considerate of the neighbors who live adjacent to the clubhouse. No parking cars on both sides of the street. No loitering in the parking lot. When the event is over you must leave the premises.
  9. No loud music is permitted after 11:00pm every night, per Cobb County Ordinance.
  10. Guests should be out and the building locked by 11:00pm on weekdays and 12:00am on weekends.
  11. When the clubhouse is used for Somerset functions/meetings, someone must be responsible for locking up afterward.
  12. It is expected that the clubhouse will be treated as if it were your own home and that you accept responsibility for the facility.
  13. No smoking is permitted inside the building.
  14. No decorations should be used that will damage any painted surface.
  15. No glass on the pool deck.
  16. Must be 21 years old to book the clubhouse.
  17. Refrigerator is to be cleaned out at the end of each day.
  18. Only one grill may be used during pool season, if available.



  1. When the Clubhouse Chairperson confirms the booking, the renter will sign a Usage Agreement and submit separate checks for the usage fee and deposit. Checks should be made payable to SHOA
  2. Prior to scheduled use, the renter is responsible for arranging to obtain keys from the Clubhouse Chairperson.
  3. The renter must return the keys to the Clubhouse Chairperson immediately after the event. A $25 late fee will be deducted from the deposit if the clubhouse keys are not promptly returned to the Clubhouse Chairperson.
  4. A Clubhouse Committee member will inspect the clubhouse after the key is returned. If it has been properly cleaned and there is no damage, the deposit checks will be returned. If damage repair or additional cleaning is required, the net remaining damage deposit will be returned as soon as the final charges have been determined. If damages or additional cleaning exceed the damage deposit, the renter is responsible for paying the balance due as soon as he is notified of the final charge.



The Somerset Clubhouse is for the use of all members of the Somerset Homeowners Association (SHOA) whose dues are current. The Clubhouse serves as a gathering place for Somerset's organized groups (i.e.: Garden Club, Investment Club, Women's Club, etc) and also may be used for private parties, meetings, etc...

Bereavement Provision

The clubhouse may be used, free of charge, for a wake or other memorial service for a SHOA member or member of their immediate family, with the following provisions:

  1. SHOA membership of deceased/family must be current.
  2. Clubhouse may not be used for visitation or funeral.
  3. Usage is subject to clubhouse availability; existing reservations take precedence
  4. All other clubhouse usage rules and procedures, including deposits, apply

The clubhouse will not be rented to non-members or outside groups. However, a member of SHOA may sponsor an outside group or party, provided:

  1. The member signs the usage agreement.
  2. The member will be in attendance for the full duration of the event.
  3. The member assumes responsibility for any damages or expense of additional cleaning.


Clubhouse usage does not include the use of the pool. The pool will not be closed for a private party. Guests may not use the patio area adjacent to the clubhouse during the event during pool season. Pool usage is available to Swim/Tennis members only. If an event is scheduled during the pool season and the pool will be used during or outside of regular hours of operation for the pool, then the renter must make separate arrangements in advance through the Pool Committee for lifeguards. The pool may not be used without authorized lifeguards present. For liability reasons, if the pool is uncovered, if there are children under 18 present, or if alcohol is served at the function, then a certified lifeguard must be present and arranged with the pool service. Current pool service is Swim Atlanta, Danny Alter, 770-992-7665 x107 or to download a party form.

Repetitive bookings (weekly, monthly) are accepted. For groups with repetitive bookings, the Clubhouse Chairperson reserves the right to cancel a specific date with at least a two-week notice to the group. There is a special rate of $50.00 for repetitive bookings (minimum of four) for a three-hour time limit.


USAGE FEES: (covers utilities and maintenance of building)

$75.00 SHOA and Swim/Tennis Member

$125.00 SHOA and/or outside Swim/Tennis Member

$250.00 non-SHOA member and Somerset Residents

$50.00 Special Meeting fee

$0.00 Clubhouse Founder Annual Freebie

$250.00 Refundable deposit



  • Empty all trashcans & line with clean bags. Place in outside receptacle.
  • Clean out refrigerator of all food and beverages.
  • Wipe down all counters in the kitchen and main room.
  • Sweep the kitchen, bathroom and foyer floors.
  • Vacuum the carpet and spot treat immediately if a spill occurs.
  • Wipe down all appliances, including the inside of the microwave.
  • Clean all sinks and toilets.
  • Dust built-in shelves and counters.
  • Garbage must be in bags before putting them in trash bins.





I, the undersigned, agree to all terms of usage and usage fees of the Somerset Clubhouse as stated in the Clubhouse Regulations. All fees will be paid in advance of the event date, and the full deposit will be refunded upon inspection of the Clubhouse after the event, if it has been properly cleaned, the thermostat has been set on run and there is no damage. If damage repair or additional cleaning is required, the net remaining damage deposit will be returned as soon as the final charges have been determined. If damages or additional cleaning exceed the damage deposit, the renter is responsible for paying the balance due as soon as he is notified of the final charge. If I am not currently a SHOA member, I understand that I must have a responsible SHOA member present at the function that will act as a sponsor.

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Rental Amount

Clubhouse Rental

Please send a check to Natasha Baker for $250.00 that will be used as the refundable deposit.


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