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Keep your Event-processing under one roof with your Merchant-Account.

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Faster Funding

You've used EventBrite. You know the drill. You don't get access to your funds until 5 days AFTER the Event is over. Great for them. Hard for you. When you utilize your existing Merchant-account with us you can get funded as the transactions are happening, giving you access to cash flow faster. If you want us to hold back some funds to protect against returns or cancellations, we can do that too.

Your Branding (not EventBrite!)

You've used EventBrite. You've used other ticketing software. You get their branding all over your page including at the top of the main page. And even on your customers' credit-card statements what do they see? "EventBrite" or "EB*Company". How's that help your brand? It doesn't. We put YOUR BRAND all over the Event-page from top to bottom. And on cardholders' statements what do they see -- they see "Your Company - EventName".


Custom Event Pages in Minutes

Just as fast as "self-service" ticketing pages, but without the hassle on you of doing it yourself, we create the Event-pages for you in minutes. All you do is fill out a simple questionaire and we turn our engine on and crank out your event-page on the same day! So if you know how to type, you can create a better Event-page than anything you could do on your own with EventBrite or any other ticketing software!

Refund Capability

One of the biggest headaches for event-holders is issuing Refund to customers before or after the event. Our software allows you to make those refunds if YOU want to. On your time and with a simple click. Of course, your Events may be "No Refunds" and you won't need this capability.


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