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Immediate Load

With Freedom Merchants Recurring-Billing, when a customer enters their information the very first time, you can immediately load them into the customer-database with one click. 1 click, done. Or even better, they can be auto-loaded into the customer-database and you can turn their recurring schedule "on" whenever you want.

Bulk Edits

If you want to modify any data-field for large segments of your customer base or maybe for the entire customer base, with two simple clicks you can make that update! Maybe it's the monthly billing you want to charge, the date on which you charge, or any other of a hundred data-fields. 2-clicks, done.


Data Portability

Whether you need your entire customer set in Excel or for an upload into the newest marketing and sales software, we allow you to export and load your customer data (minus the sensitive cardholder information of course). This is critical for new businesses exploring new software to help them grow.

Full Schedule Flexibility

Whether it's daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or any other periodicity, Freedom Merchants Recurring Billing allows you to control the schedule for when you want to charge your customers. And more importantly, you have control over PAUSING the customer-billing when and if you need to!

In Action

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