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One Transaction. Dynamic CC Surcharging. Zero Duplicate Data-Entry.

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Unmatched Feature-Set

Total Integration

We create your Mobile-Friendly, Brand-Friendly, customized Checkout Page. Your customers enter their payment information. The individual transaction details and all relevant fields are AUTOMATICALLY loaded into your QuickBooks Online account.

Zero-Duplicate Data Entry

You will completely eliminate one of the biggest headaches and time-sinks that your bookkeeper, controller, business-owner, or CFO has with your growing e-commerce business: Duplicate Data-entry into your QuickBooks Online system.


Direct Revenue-Bucket Assignment

The ONLY solution in the country that can intelligently map your payments into the APPROPRIATE revenue-bucket in your QuickBooks, based on your needs. We can assign anywhere from 1 to hundreds of different revenue-buckets which will save dozens of hours monthly in manual re-classification.


End-Customer Surcharging Option

The only tool in the QuickBooks App universe that enables you to effortlessly turn on End-customer CC-surcharging and suppress it for Echeck/ACH. Automated proper accounting treatment of the Surcharge-income into your Chart of Accounts.


Best Pricing (US Version)

Only USD $30/month for Invoicing, Ecommerce, Recurring Billing, Website-integration, a Branded-Checkout Page, Merchant-Account, PCI handling, Virtual-Terminal, Echeck/ACH option, the App and much more. To save HOURS in data-entry and thousands of dollars per month.


Co-Synchronous Data-Flow to Other Software

While we send the individual transaction data to QuickBooks Online, we SIMULTANEOUSLY send relevant data to other software tools you may be using such as MailChimp, ConstantContact, InfusionSoft, SalesForce and many other programs.

Freedom Merchants

Intuit Merchant

1.95% / 2.10% Qualified Debit / Credit
1.10% Non-Qualified Surcharge (a)
+ $0.15/txn
3.20-3.50% Qualified Debit / Credit
0-0.70% Non-Qualified Surcharge
+ $0.25/txn
Echeck/ACH: 0.50%
(+ $0.25 per txn)
Echeck/ACH: 1.00%
(QuickBooks Online)
$30/month Fixed-fee
(Both Payment types or just CC or ACH)
$20/month Fixed-fee
(Pay as you go is free with a higher CC %)
International Transactions: Allowed
International Transactions: Not allowed
End-Customer Surcharging: Dynamic and Automated
End-Customer Surcharging: Not Possible
Multi-Invoice Capability: Free and Included
Multi-Invoice Capability: Not Possible
Choose Card-Types
No choice of Card-Types
No Setup fee
No Setup fee
No Cancellation Fee
No Cancellation Fee

(a) Qualified rates apply to Consumer cards and also to some Corporate cards. Non-Qualified rates typically refer to Corporate cards, Foreign cards, Government cards, and other types of specialized cards that have a higher risk profile to their Issuing Bank than a basic Consumer credit/debit card. As a merchant, it's impossible to know ahead of time what category a card will fall into. Your monthly effective rate will be some mixture of Qualified and Non-Qualified rates depending on your customer base.

Simple Setup

Just 3 easy steps

1Click here to connect your QuickBooks to our Payments App

2Enter your QuickBooks Login/Password and click "Authorize"

3We'll create your Checkout Page, fully integrated with your QuickBooks Online account, and then configure your QuickBooks Online for you in minutes after approval

Three Processing Methods: E-Commerce, Invoicing and Recurring Payments

eCommerce configuration (B2C)

E-Commerce Configuration (B2C)

1Sign up for an FMC merchant-account.

2We connect a Mobile and Brand-friendly Checkout-Page to your website within a day.

3Customers pay you with either Credit-card OR Echeck/ACH.

4Data from our Checkout-Page flows directly into QuickBooks Online (as Sales Receipts).

5You can view full transaction details in QuickBooks Online on a real-time basis.

6On your own timeframe, you may re-categorize each transaction in QuickBooks as you wish.

Invoice Configuration (B2B)

1Sign up for an FM merchant-account.

2We create an Invoice page for you on the same day.

3Send customers invoices from within QuickBooks.

4Customers pay you with either Credit-card OR Echeck/ACH.

5Data flows directly into QuickBooks Online.

6You can view full transaction details in QuickBooks Online on a real-time basis.

Invoice Configuration (B2B)

Recurring Payments (B2B and B2C)

Recurring Payments (B2B and B2C)

1Sign up for an FM merchant-account.

2We connect a Mobile and Brand-friendly Checkout-Page to your website within a day.

3Customers pay you with either Credit-card OR Echeck/ACH.

4Recurring transactions run automatically at pre-defined schedules (eg. monthly, weekly, yearly, etc)

5Use our simple export/import tool to load the recurring transactions to your QuickBooks


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