Happily connecting your vendor-suppliers with your end-customers.

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Highly Scalable

A software program that grows as you grow. The more data in the system, the smarter you can be with that data. Fully modifiable reporting tools to enable you to add on more and more vendor-suppliers and of course more and more end-customers. Marketmakers should choose Freedom Merchants Marketplaces so they can focus on growing THEIR businesses, and not reading through pages and pages of code-libraries to learn the littlest nuances that we've taken care of for you.

Dynamic Descriptors

Raise your hand if you've taken multiple Uber trips in multiple cities? Have you noticed on your credit-card statement that it just says "UBER" "UBER" "UBER" UBER" for each transaction regardless of the city the trip was in? Now imagine if your transactions could say "Uber - LA", "Uber - San Francisco", "Uber - NYC", "Uber - Chicago".... Do you think your marketplace customers would appreciate that? Well, we do. And that's why our Dynamic-Descriptor technology is the greatest little technology you've probably never heard of before! But we've got it, and we don't charge you extra for it!


Worldwide Currency Support

We allow you to process in US dollars...and if you want, in over 90 global currencies too!

Total Control

Want to modify something, anything? Done. You have control over every aspect of your marketplace.


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