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We could describe a hundred, but chose four great features.

Full Flexibility

We give you the tools you need to launch an Invoice out to ANY customer or client, with the detail you need to communicate and they need to see. Then, your clients get a simple "Click to Pay" button that launches your own Mobile-friendly, Brand-friendly checkout-page with the Invoice-amount PRE-LOADED into their form. It's simple, elegant, and because it's mobile and brand-friendly, it makes your customers WANT to actually opay you!

Dynamic Pricing

With Freedom Merchants Invoicing tool, you can dynamically create Invoices that auto-calculate and auto-load into your customers and clients browsers or phones. So if you want to customize your invoice with varying Sales-Tax rates, preferred-customer discounts, shipping name it...Freedom Merchants Invoicing will dynamically update the price and the auto-load when the customers have "Clicked to Pay".


Simple to Use

If you know how to send an email, you can use our Invoicing tool! And if you know how to type into Excel, even better! That's it. So easy, even your children could create invoices for you!

Quick Re-invoice/Refunds

The beauty of Freedom Merchants Invoicing tool is that once your customer or client has paid you the first time - regardless of amount - you can send them SUBSEQUENT Invoices and save them the time of having to re-key their card-information or bank-information! You can "quick re-bill" them automatically! On your time and your schedule!

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