Accept donations for your organizations, elegantly.

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Fast and Easy

You run a Non-Profit. You have a web-developer. You have work to get done. You do NOT have time to handle creating an elegant, mobile-friendly Checkout-page for your Donors that integrates seamlessly with your website and all the software you'd like to explore. Get setup in MINUTES with our Freedom Merchants Donations tool.

Website Donations AND In-Person

Accept payments from Donors (One-time or Recurring) either on your website or in person with our mobile "swipers" that plug into almost any Apple or Android phone, tablet or laptop. Enable field-staff to swipe cards too and have VISIBILITY on what donations are coming from which staff person!


Campaign-Based Customization

Let's face it, most donation software allows you to create ONE payment-page (hello Paypal) that looks the exact same for all your campaigns. That's not good for your wide-range of possible donors! We will customize a clean, elegant, FRESH checkout-page for each of your campaigns throughout the year. NO extra cost for your web-developer or for us. Just a fresh, current look for the campaign you're focusing on at the moment!

Integration with Outreach Software

Freedom Merchants Donations will "talk" with the software like, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, ConstantContact, etc and load the data seamlessly in there so you can do the follow-up with your donors that you need and want. And since we're constantly adding new integrations, if there's a software that you'd like to see integrated just let us know.


Get Started

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